By What Standard? – Founders Cinedoc on Critical Race Theory in the Southern Baptist Convention Available for Viewing

The Founders Ministries film titled By What Standard? is available for viewing on the Founders’ website. Click here to be taken to the page where the film can be viewed.

There Is No Peace (Tom Ascol on the Problem of Karen Swallow Prior’s Endorsement of the Revoice Conference)

Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries on the problem Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary has created for the SBC by hiring Karen Swallow Prior

What Does Critical Race Theory Offer Southern Baptists?

Stephen Feinstein, the original author of what became Resolution 9: On Critical Race Theory And Intersectionality passed by the 2019 Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Birmingham, AL, has posted a new resolution on the subject of Critical Race Theory to be submitted at his state convention’s next annual meeting.  You can read the new resolutionContinue reading “What Does Critical Race Theory Offer Southern Baptists?”