Is the BFM 2000 View of Women in Ministry an Innovation? (Tom Nettles)

In this article, Tom Nettles responds to a post wherein, “Oklahoma Baptist Pastor Wade Burleson has attacked (again) the idea the Bible prohibits women from holding the New Testament position of pastor-bishop- elder.”

Women Preachers in the Southern Baptist Convention: But Wait, There’s Moore (Part 2)

In his 2006 article, “After Patriarchy, What? Why Egalitarians are Winning the Gender Debate” (Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, vol. 49, no. 3, September 2006, pp. 569–76), Russell D. Moore describes how, “Egalitarians are winning the evangelical gender debate, not because their arguments are stronger, but because, in some sense, we are all egalitarians now.” (576) The current state of the SBC is even worse than Moore predicted. In fact, Moore seems to have not only given up on resisting what he calls a feminist movement, but may have contributed to it.

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Women Preachers in the Southern Baptist Convention: We Should Be Worried (Part 1)

There’s a common misconception going around in some circles that anyone who professes Christ yet believes women can be called to the pastorate or preach to men cannot be a true Christian. This is demonstrably untrue. When people believe that women can be preachers called by God it doesn’t necessarily mean those people aren’t Christian, it just means they’re wrong.

But what do the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention think? Southern Baptists reached an agreement about this issue a long time ago and they believe it’s not only theologically incorrect to have women preach, but sinful for women to take up the role of preaching as it goes against explicit commands given in God’s word. This is why women preaching in the Southern Baptist Convention is such an obviously divisive issue.

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BREAKING: “Pastors’ Conference meeting space contingent on program changes”

This Baptist Press article contains the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee’s recommendation to the 2020 Southern Baptist Pastors’ Conference and states, “The Executive Committee also requested that its staff develop written guidelines for future use of the meeting spaces at the SBC Annual Meeting; the Executive Committee anticipates reviewing those guidelines during its September 2020 meeting.”

SBC Executive Committee Announces Significant Decisions Today via Twitter

Today the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention posted a string of announcements via Twitter. These decisions affect several current hot-button issues within the Convention. Take a look:

You can follow the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention on Twitter here.

B21 Podcast Featuring Dr. Al Mohler

Baptist21 interviews R. Albert Mohler, Jr. on:

  • The current state of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • Dr. Mohler’s candidacy for SBC President
  • The newly announced Conservative Baptist Network
  • Critical Race Theory and more.


Incoming Southern Baptist president taking firm stand

This article speaks of the incoming president of the Southern Baptist Convention, who, “represents a conservative-fundamentalist element within the denomination.”

Founders Ministries: Interesting Times and Changing Times in the SBC

…hardly a week goes by without shining more light on the dark corners of the SBC. It gives a whole new meaning to “progressive revelation.” It’s like watching the curtain being pulled back on the Wizard of Oz.” – Tom Ascol, writing on The Founders Ministries Blog.

After running through a veritable laundry list of disturbing revelations about those “dark corners of the SBC” Tom Ascol writes:

Is it any wonder that a growing number of Southern Baptists think that maybe something unhealthy is afoot in their convention? I hear from SBC pastors daily who are frustrated and agitated by what they see going on in their convention. Most are disillusioned and ready to lead their churches to withdraw (I heard of over 70 such churches just last week). My counsel has been to remind every Southern Baptist that the entities, institutions, and agencies of the SBC belong to the churches and the churches must hold them accountable.

These are indeed interesting times, but they are also times that, as Bob Dylan sang, “are a-changing.” Faithful Southern Baptist pastors and church members are no longer willing to be treated like mushrooms by Southern Baptist committees and denominational leaders (you know how to treat mushrooms, right? You keep them in the dark and feed them horse manure).

We expect accountability from our leaders. We aren’t interested in word salad responses to serious questions nor will we settle for mere window dressing when real problems need to be addressed.

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New Liberalism and the Southern Baptist Convention

These are the first five posts in a series addressing New Liberalism and the Southern Baptist Convention. “New Liberalism” is a catch-all term for what some see as a theological threat similar to the liberalism of the previous century. This series does not assume that New Liberalism is in the SBC, but is intended to more clearly delineate the concept of New Liberalism in relation to the SBC.

A Divisive Topic

Conservative Silence

A Sociological Approach to Science

Religious Language

Fruits and Roots