Clarifying the Gospel, Part 2: How the Apostles Preached Christ

[See Part 1 of this series.] Although the salvation accomplished by the cross work of Jesus Christ entails multiple dimensions of deliverance—from the power of Satan, from the dominion of sin, from this present evil age, etc.—there is no greater deliverance accomplished by Christ than that which is from the looming judgment of God overContinue reading “Clarifying the Gospel, Part 2: How the Apostles Preached Christ”

About Those Beth Moore Tweets

Twitter has a way of bringing out the worst in us, not to mention the worst of us. The medium of Twitter encourages us to make snap judgments on the basis of very little information. Unfortunately, Beth Moore often finds herself on the receiving end of such judgments. A number of people have problems withContinue reading “About Those Beth Moore Tweets”